March desktop calendar!

Click on the photo of my desktop to go to the actual photo, which you can right click to save. 
Since last summer, I've sent out a desktop calendar photo each month to my newsletter subscribers. 

But this month, I'm not feeling it - the newsletter, that is. Not the calendar photo. The desktop calendar photo I am very happy with. 

And so, I think putting it here and giving it to anyone who reads this blog who wants it is right. For this month. I may decide differently next month. 

Things to keep in mind: 

* The photo I used with this post is NOT the photo that I'm offering, it is a photo of it on my computer. Click on the link to go to the photo, then right click the photo itself to save it to your computer. Taking photos of computer screens results in brightness/ color issues, but I wanted to be able to track how many people are downloading this here (vs my newsletter). I promise you, the photo is pretty and pops on the screen (but doesn't look quite as neon as my desktop appears here). 

* Design-wise, my calendar works best if you keep your desktop minimalist (as I do), with fewer icons cluttering the screen. 

(Here's where my mom will start to tune out, if she even made it this far, but the rest of you don't mind a little tech talk, do you?)

I only have one icon on my desktop: the recycle bin (see it over there on the lower right hand corner?). I also have four heavily used icons pinned to the left side of my taskbar: Files, Spotify, Picasa and Chrome. I delete any other shortcut icons that try to install themselves on my screen because they are useless. 

(Here is info on minimalizing Windows 8 or Mac screens.) 

* Why a calendar? I like making them. I like having one on my desktop as my wall paper. Working at home, I find it really easy to loose track of what day it is. (Oh, let's be honest, that's just how my brain works.)  

I also keep a monthly school calendar for Remy on the fridge (because it reminds him - and me - of important school dates) but I don't have a regular wall calendar anymore. The school calendar isn't pretty but it is useful. 

And I don't really have so much to keep track of that I need a weekly planner although I did just buy a dry erase weekly scheduler which I am finding really helpful. I got this one (on sale at Target), but oooh, there are pretty awesome customizeable ones at zazzle

So a desktop calendar works for me. It might not work for you, and that's ok. You may prefer analogue calendars: if so, feel free to print this out, after you save it to your computer.