meta-pimpage for poeming into the now

image by Heidi Richardson Evans
My souster (soul-sister) Heidi is joining us for poeming into the now and as her kindness, she doodled this awesome logo (and sent it to me in my favorite colors!) and did some pimpage for the course on her beautiful blog (daisybones).

April really is going to be so much fun this year!

One email a day from me to you for the entire month of April. A prompt or a musing on poetry and poeming. A Facebook group. Email support for your own poem-a-day journey. Yes, all of this will be yours if you decide to join us, too.

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^ Clicking "Add to cart" will take you to a paypal check out cart and then directly to the mailchimp signup page.

The suggested price is $30, but I have a "pay what feels good" policy, which means you can change the price to any amount you want. Including zero, if need be. Don't let money stop you from joining us, please.

If you choose to pay less than $30, I ask that you pay a kindness forward instead. As an example, one of my friends did an appreciation experiment on her Facebook wall, which was incredible. She wrote authentic words of appreciation, truly seeing the deep beauty in every friend who clicked "like." I didn't know any of the other people she wrote about, but I could feel how impactful her kind, thoughtful (and humorous) words were on everyone, including me. We all want to be truly seen, don't we? It was beautiful - and remarkably draining for her, I'm sure (she spent a lot of time writing and thinking). A true pay it forward kindness. And maybe a good warm up for writing a poem every day!

I am also open to trades as a kindness, like Heidi did with this awesome doodle!

If you have any questions, please email me: alexisyael at yahoo dot com or message me on Facebook.