I'll probably hate this photo's processing later.

Once spring starts (for real), I'll look back and think, "Holga immitation? What the hell!"

In the last days of winter, it all makes sense. The dreariness. The brown everywhere (until it's replaced by white everywhere, which in turns gets replaced by the worst winter color of all, dingy dirty gray). Doesn't it make sense to create photos that have the right feeling of now?

Deep, dark monochrome. 

Intentional blur. 

Lines of movement from deliberately handholding a slow lens. (And experimenting with jiggling it on purpose to get those zig zaggy lines. Light painting is fun.)

My souster and I started talking earlier this week about setting ourselves up with a winter project in advance next year. Earlier we were talking about a bare branch project and that will probably be in the running.

Maybe I'll make myself put together a processing fund and shoot more film. I have all these rolls of black and white 120 film and nothing to shoot it with. Sigh. I want a good medium format camera. Hmmm...

What I know is this: life is change. Whether or not I continue to love the processing of this photo later isn't the point, not at all. The point is that I love it right now.

And I do.