one poem a day

Every April, I choose to write a poem a day because I love poetry. The fact that I pick April is somewhat arbitrary (everybody else is doing it, it's National Poetry Month in the USA, April is a good month for me), but it isn't arbitrary that I pick poetry. Poeming is what I do, what I love. Poetry saved me.

Eighteen days into my first NaPoWriMo, I realized the comparison of "good" vs "bad" poems was making writing harder. Who cares if one day's poem is better than another's? "Just keep writing." One poem a day. Good or bad, it doesn't matter. One poem a day, that is the goal. NaPoWriMo is pretty damn zen that way.

No, not all the poems will be good. That isn't how it works. That's what editing later is for. That's why there are eleven other months to write poems. I just write one poem a day. And you can join me, if you want.

If you've never written a poem before, you may have to write ten, twenty or even a thousand bad poems before you write something you really like. That's not actually that many poems, if you write ten at a time, let's say, which is pretty easy to do, if you're in love with poetry. But you don't have to write ten poems in one day (though you might, once you get started). You only need to write one. One a day. No excuses.

One poem a day. It can be a haiku or a prose poem or a sonnet. Form doesn't matter. What matter is getting it written, your one poem.

I don't believe in writer's block anymore. Over the years, I've lost my belief in excuses of all kinds. If I want to do something, I do it. If I don't, I don't. Every moment, I make the choice to do what I am doing.

And so if you make the choice not to write on one day, I'll  remind you to be kind to yourself. No excuses, but no need for dramatics, either. Just keep going.

It really is as simple as that. One poem a day. And if you miss a day, you pick yourself up the next day and go on.

One poem a day. Your poem.

::  Poeming Into the Now. Join us! ::

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