poeming on the first day of passover

a poem for pesach, 5773

it starts with candles, with blessing.
on any other seder night, there are four
cups, but last night we only had one
of grape juice, together. then matzoh.
and a short retelling of the exodus story.
and then it was time for bath and bed.
he needs his sleep, he's six and wakes at dawn,
everyday, holy days are no exception.
it starts with candles, with blessing,
but it never ends there: story and song
and love and discussions of freedom
and shackles and shaking off this blunt
oppression that chains us to ourselves.


This is a double exposure image of our holiday candles - this is the match to our menorah, made by the same artist (whose name I still cannot find).

I've written about our tiny family-style seder here a little. Last night we just had a little taste, we will do our "big seder" (but not really, just the three of us) on Thursday night, since there's no school on Friday. Next year Remy might be up for a closer-to-regular seder, we'll see.

Technically M and I are going to have the "shackles of oppression" discussion tonight, but I added it to this poem for the turn. Last night we talked about all the ways we felt most free and had a really great discussion.

Also, having had that gluten-free matzoh last night (I also had bites of whole wheat to fulfill the requirement), it is hands down the best of the three types of matzoh my husband bought - so good! Which might have something to do with the addition of salt (totally non-traditional) and the fact that it mostly tasted like potato chips. Look, it's available on amazon! (Not an affiliate link.) And look, there's also seriously expensive oat matzoh. Oy. That's just a ridiculous price.

Next year in Jerusalem, the city of peace at peace!