poeming on a tired friday

This is a day to wake up slowly.
To have finally figured out the source
of the loud thump at 5:30 am
that startles me awake, these past
three or seven nights. To nap.
This is a day to take it easy, to find
solace in a cup of chai latte
and a friend to chat with while our kids
play live action angry bird games.
This is a day to wake up slowly,
to walk slowly, to be deliberate
and to get myself to bed before nine.

The source of the loud thump was obviously Remy, but I didn't know how he was making it until today - he's jumping off of his bed because "Hobbes is tackling me!!" which does sound fun, but wow, was that deeply unsettling when I didn't know what it was.

And so today is the culmination of about a week (plus or minus three nights?) of sleep deprivation to me. Yesterday, I felt like I was getting sick, but then I was able to sleep in a bit this morning after M told me the cause of the thump. So, I'm more tired and less sick feeling. (I did go to bed early last night, but I couldn't sleep, in part because of the anxiety over when the thump would strike - the thump makes me anxious that someone is breaking in and has been giving me nightmares.)