this is not the spring weather you were looking for...

Buddha for Pope!

I woke up this morning to snow. Such beautiful snow. And yet, that it snowed is so heartbreaking. Hopefully, this is just a "last gasp" of winter. I am ready for spring. Ready.

Yesterday, I started noticing my end-of-season cleaning/ decluttering urges were back. I cleaned up a little and vacuumed. (Wow, the floors look so much better after vacuuming.) And then I looked at the book shelf and thought, "Why do we have all these books?" but I didn't start going through them yet. Next week, maybe. And hopefully the weather will cooperate and I'll have the car and can take in loads of stuff to donate to my favorite thrift store.

It's amusing to me to find that I last wrote about decluttering books last year on this exact same date. The year before, it didn't happen until April, but I had a big book purge that year, too.

I cut a few more inches off some of my locks, too. They've grown about two inches in the past year. I think I might go shorter. We'll see. Some change is coming.

Spring cleaning. Yes, that is what I am thinking about on this very snowy day. Maybe it's just hopefulness. But I'm going with it, since the end results are the same.