wabi sabi recovery

After my beach combing in West Marin last week, I knew I needed to go to the (NJ) shore and soon. The weather here is still wintry, but at least it was sunny.

Not that that makes much of a difference when you add in the wind chill. With wind chill, it was well below freezing.

Still, we hadn't driven to the shore since Hurricane Sandy and I wanted to see for myself how restoration is going. And also, have I mentioned how much I love the beach?

I really do love the beach. Even when there are piles of debris everywhere.

(That's part of my wabi sabi philosophy of life.)

Restoration along the northern part seems to be going smoothly, from what I could tell. It isn't finished, not by a long shot, but they're working hard. There were tractors working, even on a Sunday. I was impressed.

Lots of sand still piled up. Lots of debris. I don't know what will happen to the sand.

Our favorite beach (which is a National Park on the northern tip of the shore) was closed. So we drove a little ways south down the shore and saw the sights (such as they were).

There was not much house damage that I could tell. This part of the shore has a stone wall retainer along it, so the houses did OK, I think. (Maybe flooding? I'm not sure.) There were still some blue tarp roofs still but having lived in the Gulf Coast, I'm used to seeing that for a few months, at least, post-hurricane.

(I'm not making light of the serious damage that did occur. It's just that in the area we visited yesterday, we didn't see much damage. There were lots of closed businesses, though, which was sad. However, some of those businesses close down for the winter season, so I'm not entirely sure what was closed due to damage and what due to other factors.)

And there were still treasures to be found along the shore. Do you see it there? I hadn't expected to, so I almost passed it by.

Northern Star Coral. Yeah, I hadn't really heard of it either, though I suppose I'd probably seen living specimens in an aquarium somewhere.

Another beautiful victim of the storm.

A beach combers dream, judging by the amount of "wow" comments I got on insta/FB when I posted my less impressive galaxy player shot yesterday.

I didn't notice until I got home that it's heart shaped.

A heart made of star coral.

There is so much beauty in this world.

Even amid destruction and pain, so much beauty, if we just stop to look.