holy whoa!

I went for a photo walk in my neighborhood yesterday. Spring has sprung, my hyacinths are blooming and I wanted to see what other gorgeousness was around.

And look! Only a few blocks uphill from our house, the trees are already starting to bloom!!!!

(In order, I think, they are some type of fruit - cherry or cherry plum or apricot? I'm not sure - two shots of the yellow forsythia, tulip magnolia and then another type of fruit tree.)

When I downloaded the images I shot yesterday, my heart burst into a billion pieces. So much beauty. So. Much. Beauty.

Color and light and everything I missed during winter this year. So much beauty. Not quite everywhere, yet, but it has begun, the re-greening of the world around me. Oh, I am soaking it up.

Flowers make spring the best time of the year. And I am especially fond of flowering trees. Even if I am highly allergic to their pollen, I just don't care. They awe me.

(I took over a hundred photos on my photowalk yesterday, so I think you'll be seeing a lot of flower photos in the next while. Hopefully you love them just as much as I do!)