more dandelion wisdom

look at that (gorgeous) dandelion. just chilling there in my yard like it owns the place. because it does. it owns the place: sunshine, air, the dirt supporting it, the roots digging in deep for such a 'lowly' flower. it doesn't need to be the best flower, it doesn't care about being the "best" or anything like that. it's a flower and it just flowers.

there's nothing lowly about the dandelion, except in how close it stays to the ground while it first starts growing.

and only the simple - the fools, the artists, the poets, the wildcrafters and children - love those flowers, the scourge of the north american lawn.they're not getting "best in show" anytime soon. but despite all the gallons of fucking pesticide spread to get rid of them, they're not going anywhere, my dandelions. they're wild and free and they will take over your lawn and make shit pretty.

so be a dandelion. be tenacious and awesome and ignore all that pesticide the world tries to drown you in.

and then BLOOM like the entire world depended on it (it does) and let your fluff fly into the wind, creativity spreading everywhere, looking for the next little patch of dirt to own.