playing with words on this poeming day

If Loose Rhymes Sink Ships Than I Am Sunk

I am completely unable to hold back.
To bind the tie, to stop the sink
of missiles and missives and all that lack
of ever-after wordings, the two ton wink
that claimed a million lives before
setting gallantly off into the deep,
never to return: or if, just if, anymore
claims were to be made, to sneak, to creep,
scattering words like leaves, like petals
like rain on tattered, battled metal.


For once, I didn't even try to make the photos and the poem go together. I wasn't in the mood to write a flower-spring-light-beauty poem today. Oh, sure. There are petals in there. But it isn't about the petals, it's just a metaphor.

This is me, poeming playfully with words, rhyme and rhythm in a nonce (made up) rhyme scheme (ABABCDCDEE, for those of you in class). A little bit of a meta-poetic fourth wall breaker (well, aren't they all).

Having fun with the beauty around me. (All those flowers! Although I am about to go out and make sure last night's thunderstorm didn't batter them all to the ground.) Having fun with the beauty of the words in me.

And I hope you find a way to take time out on this day, whatever it looks like where you are, whether it's spring or fall or something in-between or neither, to have fun and create and play.

Happy arting/creating/photoging/poeming!