poeming into april, with love and appreciation for all

First Day

We begin with coffee and breakfast. Work.
(Writing and art, ever and ever, amen.)
We begin with reading, social media and Lego.
We begin as we begin, with blowing noses
and words of welcome and love, always love.
We begin with brusqueness, with fuzziness,
with singsong words of foolery. We begin
where we are, right here, writing these words.
We begin, as we always begin: with our breath.


Today is the first day of April! And hurray for me, spring seems to have gotten the message - the weather today is going to be glorious, for the first time since our " first spring" back in February.

In honor of National Poetry Month (and for my fourth year doing NaPoWriMo), I am leading a group of poets through Poeming Into the Now. Providing support, encouragement, inspiration, prompts and a community of poets, bravely poeming.

There's still time to join us (I'll leave registration open until evening tonight).

I still haven't decided whether I'll be posting every day's poem here or not. I may keep some of them "in group." I may even keep some to myself this year (what!). As I said, I haven't decided. All I know is I'm committed to writing here every day Monday through Friday (no weekend posting on the blog, this year) and to writing to my group every day (including weekends). Beyond that, the rest is gravy.

I also want to collect and edit last year's poems into a PDF ebook sometime this month. (I'm also checking out publishing for kindle or print-on-demand.) You can find the first two year's books here (along with my other books). You can also go back through the archives and read them (as they were written, which is to say: they have been edited further in the ebooks).

April is also Autism Awareness Acceptance Appreciation Month! I am a proud ally to autistics everywhere (not just my son, but him especially, obviously). I am proudly left of center myself (without diagnosis, sure, but with definite "neurodiverse" tendencies).

You can read my Autism Appreciation articles here (and one over on Kind Over Matter, which I am especially proud of).

May all beings be appreciated, loved and respected. May poetry be entwined deeply in our lives. May your creativity be channeled through you.