poeming on a monday, with thanks to ED

An Ode to Emily Dickinson with Many Thanks and Much Gratitude

Emily, in my Twenties,
                               I understood -
perfectly - how you stopped Going Out,
why you Declined to meet new people.
Why you finally Lived your life - your love
overflowing - in your rooms all alone.
And your letters, I knew why they shone.

And now I'm in my Thirties, Emily, and
                                 Social Media - my letters.
I could Cease, just as you, curl inward,
see the world as a reflection only
of the self, My Self, live my days in that Beauty.

But I have a husband. We had a son.
(The dropping of Blessings all around.)
And they keep me from Disappearing into myself.

And still I am grateful, Emily, so grateful,
                              for All that you've Given me.
The gift of your poetry, of knowing my words
deserve protecting, that my soul is ever
and always enough.
                           The gift of being Pure-in-Myself,
despite the love affair we both have with the world.
Your words - "Hope" - continue to warm me.
And for all of that I thank you.