poeming on a thursday (napowrimo 2013: four)


The tiniest white blossoms
yellow pollen already floating
to fertilize other flower's ova,
crushed stem that was trampled
while we walked through the front yard.
I held it delicately between my fingers
to get a photo;
                     so much smaller
than my fingernail, this latest harbinger
of the spring that is coming.


I have definitely decided not to post each day's poems here, but I will be sharing some of them here (and then collecting them into a book later, which I'll offer here). Meanwhile, I am focusing on teaching Poeming Into the Now, which is blowing me away with awesomeness.

I knew teaching was one of the things I most loved doing, but I forgot how amazing it is to have a class. I am loving the interactions going on in Poeming Into the Now. The poems being written. The sense of camaraderie. Four days in and I am so very happy I decided to jump right in to the waters of ecourses with a month long one. I wasn't sure if it would be "too much" (and it still might be) but it is glorious, being in my element like this. Teaching and poetry. Two of my favorite things.

And spring on its way, oh it's a wonderful time.

(I still haven't put together a desktop calendar for April. Just too much going on with the class and spring break. I'll either do it next week or use a regular photo instead. I don't know yet.)

Happy Spring!