poeming on a wednesday

How to Buy a New Camera

First, assess your "need:"
                                          (three weeks)
                                          don't want to carry
                                          so much weight (lenses)
                                          but still want a viewfinder
                                          and a fast, lightweight lens.

Next, assess your "budget:"
                                          less than a mortgage payment
                                          more than a breadbasket
                                          meaning you have no
                                          idea, since your
                                          trip is the big
                                          ticket item.

Then comes the research
endless hours, reading reviews
reading specs, doing comparisons.
Put the final list in your amazon wish list.


Finally on a random day, drive to the nearest
box store and try to find those models
to do an actual comparison.
Realize only one camera
in the store meets
your specs

Find it in the open box section. Buy it. (Sticker shock.) Go home and fall in love.

Today's prompt was for a didactic poem (i.e., a poem of instructions).

People are forever asking me how to choose a camera to buy. I thought I'd try making a poem out of my process, since I just bought a travel camera last weekend. (The Fuji x-10, which I have been showcasing photos from this week, trying it out.) I'm not entirely sure I am completely "in love" with it yet, but I am starting to fall, I think.

Though there was this part of me that wanted it to replace the "big camera" which it just does not. (Manual focusing is a joke, for one, and for another, the camera works best in Auto.) Which is probably good, since my big camera is pretty damn awesome! And my lenses are awesome, even if they are annoying to travel with. Hence the need for a small point and shoot. And as that, it definitely excels.