random thoughts

* My daily April poeming continues, my daily poeming into the now prompting continues. I feel like the prompts are flowing incredibly well (even if they take a lot of time to write) and am very happy to find I have an excess of material (instead of a dearth). A few people have dropped out (I can't make people write. I can only encourage). I'm feeling so happy about doing this, though it has proven to be a LOT of work (I knew, I knew). I should have spent the money I earned on paying a housekeeper. (I still might.) Oh well, we make it work. My husband is incredible.

* Speaking of M, today we went back to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant for a date lunch together. It's so important to reconnect. Date days together really keep me sane. Then we went to a hardware store, came back home and each did one home repair chore. BOOM. Done. We high fived. Seriously, he's awesome.

* Sometimes I ONLY clean the toilets because if someone were to break in the house (and then the police had to come after) that's the thing I would be most embarrassed about. Gross toilets. (Oh, they get really gross with an almost seven year old boy in the house.) I know that's weird, but... sometimes anxiety helps me keep the toilets clean. I guess that's a good. Clean toilets are definitely good.

* I'm looking forward to seeing Oblivion this weekend. But I really want to see It's a Disaster and it isn't playing in Jersey (just NYC) yet. Sigh.

* I'm reading Cloud Atlas (loved the movie, love the book) but I am reading it so slow (like glacially slow) that the book is due at the library and I'm not even halfway finished. I think I'm going to buy it electronically (not something I normally do), so I can reread it after I'm done. Yup. I am switching to digital book buying. Officially. Yay!

* I had to give up caffeine (link explains why) last week and I miss it so. much. (See: reasons why I am going slower than normal.)

* I still need to write my poem today. (And I will.)

* And take my #365lex self portrait. (And I will.)