wrapping up poeming into the now

Almost two months ago, I had this sudden, crazy almost out of the blue, idea. What if instead of just writing 30 poems during April, I also supported a group of fellow poets who wanted to do the same thing?

And so, I made my offer. (It was a bit long winded, yes. I was excited.) And I released it into the universe, not knowing who would show up (if anyone). And to my surprise awesomely, students showed up, mostly friends (and family), but some who I didn't know.

It was amazing. My heart cracked wide open, leading this group through the 30 days of April. I'd forgotten how much I love teaching.

And I'd forgotten that poetry has the power to heal.

One of my poeming into the now participants wrote these words this morning: "I have never cried so much in one month as I have this one.... the thoughts that have created these poems, frequently bounce around in my brain, but writing them down has really made me process them more deeply."

I'd forgotten what kind of power poetry wields. (It's been in my life so long, I guess I've gotten used to it.) But this month, I saw through new-eyes. And I felt so honored to be facilitating this deep processing.

Today, I sent out my last written-in-the-moment prompt for April. (ZOMG, y'all, it's going to be MAY tomorrow!! And Remy is going to be SEVEN. Yes, it's an all-caps kind of day.) Later today, I'll write my last poem for the month. And then I'll take a rainy day, self-care photo walk. And continue reading Cloud Atlas.

30 emails, 30 days. Plus 30 poems of my own. (And reading the poems from my class.) April was quite a poetic month! (Definitely doing this again next year! Also thinking of running it over the summer, possibly in July.)

And would you believe I've already started dreaming up what our next adventure will be? Oh yes, yes I am! (I'm thinking multiple exposure will be involved.)

Stay tuned. There are amazing things in the works over here...