and now he's seven!

Since Remy spent his birthday at school yesterday (I know, right?!?! he seems to have been fully recovered, though he did opt out of going on today's field trip to the Bronx Zoo, which would have been a lot of walking around), and I spent the day running errands (including treating myself to lunch and getting some essential oils from Whole Foods, so fun errands), Remy and his dad and I had a pretty low key family birthday celebration yesterday afternoon.

There was leftover cake. There was singing (from multiple phone calling people, as well). There was measuring his height on our kitchen wall. (He's grown since last month!)

And there was, of course, birthday gift opening (which continued today and will be stretched out a little more, since I know there's at least one package from a grandparent that hasn't yet arrived).

He asked for Lego (and costumes) and he received them. And also a surprise present of a waterproof/ tough camera for his very own.

My seven year old guy. It's so amazing (and fun - and sometimes frustrating - to be his mom!