coming up roses...

We went to the park yesterday and the rose garden was in bud/bloom!

I could smell the roses from about a block away, they were that powerful (such an amazing scent).

There were lots of people with cameras walking around. Many couples, holding hands. Dogs. Most of the kids were in a nearby playground, but Remy and his dad came to join me and Remy took a few photos of his own. How I love that kid.

A day in roses. A beautiful way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon. Surrounded by family (my MIL and her partner are here visiting). Wandering amongst rows of flowers, making photos with my "big" camera: 248 in total!

Tomorrow, I'll have an announcement about an analogue project I'll be doing in Montreal, which you can be part of (!!) but today, I'm off to celebrate my MIL's birthday. May your memorial day (if you're in the US) be filled making (and remembering) beautiful memories.