digital/analogue - the interweaving - right now

I'm beginning to realize that part of my path right now is to start writing more about how I am learning to navigate the interweaving of digital and analogue in my life.

For me, it's clearly not a "this or that" situation. I love the digital world. I love love love the internet, Facebook, instagram, email, this blog, my ecourse. Love. The vast majority of my close friends are online and live far away from me and without digital, they wouldn't exist in my life. I am beyond grateful for the internet, for allowing these friendships. I am a geek: I could easily live the vast majority of my life online (and sometimes, I do).

But the digital is still only part of the analogue world: hugs from real people and flowers and paper and pens and real film and photos I can touch and look at and pass across the table. Magazines I can read and then save to cut out and use to make pretty collages (vision boards). We touch the analogue world, we breathe the air, we live here in our bodies, we access the digital world through our bodies here and now. We call it real life. And it is real. But that doesn't make the digital world fake, not to me.

Right now, I'm dancing to digital music (streaming online, via Spotify) that someone recorded in a real place, in a real time, and then put out for me to listen to whenever I want to. I'm dancing while I write, and singing along. Because this is what I do. I dance in the interweaving between the digital and the analogue.

I love everything. Digital, analogue, same difference, I love this world. I love seeing your photos on instagram, I love connecting through Facebook. I love talking to my souster on the phone. I love traveling. I love going to my friend's house for coffee and in person gabbing. It's all this world that I love.

But... I do realize that it can get difficult to navigate the interweaving. We get distracted by our smart phones/ laptops/ iPads. There's too much information and we feel like we're living in our heads. And then we feel overwhelmed and like we need to stop, full stop, and wouldn't it be nice to only live in the "real world" for ever and ever... but then we go back online and there we are again, getting overwhelmed again. (Did you read this article yet? It's about a man who stopped going online for an entire year. And then he came back online and immediately went back to his old habits. Fascinating.)

My way is the middle path. I don't really do internet fasts (but I go lots of places where I don't get internet connectivity... and I often have my phone on silent/ notifications turned off). I put down the device when I'm engaging in real life. I engage in what is in front of me. Middle path. Some of this and some of that. Right now, I'm exploring adding more analogue into the mix because that is what I need more of, right now.

Oh, it isn't easy. Life isn't easy-peasy lemon squeezy (except when it is... and then it isn't again). I don't have this game wrapped up (it helps a lot that I don't have a smart phone, only wifi devices). But as I'm reading more and more people getting fed up with the screens in their life and taking breaks (only to have the same disconnect when they return. Or at least so I assume.) I've been thinking more and more about my middle path through this digital/ analogue maze and realizing how I can create a middle path that will work for me.

It feels like saying yes more often to going to a park and starring up at the sky under trees. It feels like being present with my family. It feels like traveling and being open to new experiences, meeting new people (and hanging out with old friends). It feels like writing letters, by hand, and adding photos and newspaper clippings and postcards and watercolors and feather and other fun things.

The Lex Letter series is a step towards starting an analogue dialogue with you, my online friends (I retired my digital newsletter earlier this month). Adding the analogue into this digital friendship.

If you buy the Lex Letter package from Montreal and write me back (I'll include a return address), I will continue corresponding! There's no extra fee for that ongoing conversation. We'll become pen pals, as long as the letters flow between us. No shoulds, no have tos: just write back or don't write back. My continuing letters will be less fancy/less of a big production/have less ephemera and art than the for-sale Lex Letters, but they'll be more of this shared analogue existence. Snail mail rocks. I could use more post cards and short fun letters in my life and I'm guessing you could, too, if this is the right idea for you.

And if it isn't your thing, no worries.

There will also be a code in the Montreal letter for 25% off the next installment of Lex Letters - which will be mailed to you from Thailand, in August. I haven't set a price for that installment yet (I'm not sure how many packages will be mailed just yet and how much shipping will cost and I'm going to see what works/ doesn't work in the Montreal edition first), but 25% off those exotic letters from Thailand will be my thank you for being part of my initial test run in Montreal. I will definitely have a postcard edition from Thailand, and the code will work with both.

(I'm still debating whether to offer a postcard only edition from Montreal. Let me know if you'd like that option.)