:: a gratitude list for today ::

Things I am deeply grateful for today:

1. My dental visit went smoothly. I like my new dentist, although she's a bit more hardcore about saving my baby teeth than I am used to in a dentist. (I have four teeth that never got replaced by "adult" teeth. Two of them have already been pulled, so I have two left. Most dentists have told me they'll eventually all be pulled).

Speaking of my remaining baby teeth, I think the pain I've been having from one of them is trauma related. So, I'm going to try to rest it until next week and then see what she thinks at my next appointment. (I can always get another emergency appointment if the pain ramps up again. That's what yesterday's appointment was. She replaced the fillings in one of the baby teeth - the one that hurt - and then tooth next to it, which had a lot more decay. The baby tooth still hurt after, but today it doesn't hurt.)

2. Today, our awesome house-guest / friend is helping us re-tile the basement. Remember when the basement floor got torn up to fix the pipes? In January? Yeah. We're re-tiling now. Yay!

We're going to be fixing the basement up into an art studio/ rumpus room. We'll move part of the L shaped couch downstairs (the other half is going to M's lab). And you know what that means, right? New living room furniture has been bought and is being delivered to our house Saturday! A new couch/ love seat and a rocking recliner chair. Oh yes, I am excited.

Plus, art studio!

(And maybe moving the Lego down there for the summer?)

3. We're also going to see Star Trek: Into Darkness today. So exciting!

4. I haven't really been focusing on it (because we've been a little obsessively looking forward to going to Thailand in August), but M and I are going to Montreal on our own in a few weeks. My awesome MIL and her partner are coming to visit and stay with Remy while we go (just like they did a year and a half ago, the first time we did this).

This time around, I don't feel like it's so crazy unique unusual that we are going off to be on our own together. I feel like we're already getting a lot of time together and this is just icing on the cake. (Plus, travel!)  I feel more confident about it. And I am excited, but I don't really know Montreal that well, so I think it will be an exploration of a different sort than when I went to Seattle. (Seattle felt like getting to know someone I already knew. And going back home, because the West Coast is home. Montreal is different. And that will be a lot of fun, I know. But maybe also disorienting? I'm not sure.)

5. So many dancers in my instagram and facebook feeds have started posting photos and updates about Tribal Fest. I really, really, really miss that community. I think I'm ready to start taking (and then maybe teaching?) classes again. That feels really raw to me. And powerful. And scary.

I am so grateful that I have the dance background I have. That I danced so much as a teen/ young adult/ adult. That after taking a break when I had Remy felt right. And that now I can get back into dancing again, on my own terms. And know that while I may be out of condition, it isn't like I've forgotten anything. My muscle memory is still very much in tact.

I love that I belly dance. I am so grateful to have the dance in my life.