Lex Letters: snail mail goodness from me to you!!!!

I love writing real letters. And I love sharing snippets of my life with you. And so I decided to combine these two things and start offering Lex Letters: analogue love from me to you.

The first installment will be coming to you next week, during my trip to Montreal. If you'd like to get a really awesome package (which will include a long handwritten letter, actual photos and a lot of ephemera that I'll pick up along the way), head on over to my newly reopened etsy.

$18 (includes shipping to the US and Canada).

If I have enough interest, I'll also add a postcard option (which won't include ephemera or photos) and perhaps a digital edition. Let me know if you're interested in either of those (cheaper) options.

(Obviously, the next installment will be from Thailand, in August.)

I want to give credit for the spark of this idea to Mama Scout (aka Amy Bowers), who is currently in Paris, sending me (and many other people) a xeroxed handwritten letter a week. I've loved getting her letters so much, I wanted to offer something similar, on a larger scale (adding more art and ephemera to my packages)