like leaves pumping clorophyll

This week still feels a little undone. The end of poeming into the now was bittersweet. I love having more time this week (I actually got other stuff done!) but I felt sad not to be interacting with my poeming-peeps every day.

And I haven't made myself a new desktop calendar for the month. So it's still April on my computer (which may or may not have contributed to my forgetfulness earlier this week).

But it is really May. And May is splendidiforous. Gently warm. Gorgeously colorful. A blessing of a month.

(Aside from the allergies.)

Though really, truly, even allergies are a blessing. Acknowledgement that one is still alive, to be sneezing and scratching. And living in an era of Benedryl, thanks be!

Oh, life.

Happy weekend, y'all. Whether you're in a Benedryl induced comatose pile with the A/C cranked to high or frolicking in the cherry blossom rain barefoot without a care (or somewhere in-between). Or if you're one of my southern hemisphere peeps, in which case, I hope you're loving the eff out of the fall foliage! Happy weekend, however, where ever you are.