mainstreaming, for reals

It's that IEP time of year for us.

We had to reschedule Remy's IEP because we'll be in Montreal (yay! so excited!) but I had a chance to talk with his team leader already and we're (as usual) on the same page. Remy will be fully mainstreaming* next year and going to his "home school" (which means no more waiting for the bus, instead we'll walk to and from school with him).

We'll firm up more details when we get back and M and I will tour the new-to-us school and meet the potential teachers - with budget cuts running rampant this year, the teacher rooster isn't quite settled yet, but we'll get a feel for the school by talking with as many people as we can. We are very proactive parents, and we view our education team as a team. Everyone wants what's best for Remy.

He'll still be receiving the services he needs (speech therapy).

He'll get a chance to start making neighborhood friends, which means I'll start meeting the neighborhood moms, which will be great for me. (I know our immediate neighbors, but no one beyond our block, except to say hi in passing).


* He's technically mainstreamed already, but in what is called a transition classroom. Not all districts have these, but we bought a house in this district specifically because of this type of classroom, which is great for helping kids transition from ABA style preschool to mainstream, regular ed classrooms, as they are ready.

In fact, Remy almost mainstreamed last year, but at last year'e IEP, we decided (as a team) to give him an extra year of transition because, why not use it since we could. Now he definitely doesn't need it and so he'll mainstream. It's a bit nerve racking, but... this is life. We knew it was coming and here it is. He'll do awesome! (Because we'll help him do awesome and because he's just awesome.) And if he doesn't, we'll figure it out.

Because that is what we do.