my birthing day anniversary/ 52 weeks poeming project begins!


* Remy turns seven!!!

* The 52 Weeks Poeming Project begins!!!

I'll be sending out the first official prompt later this afternoon! I would LOVE for you to join us!!! Whether you think you're a poet or not. Whether you've written over a thousand poems or none. As long as you love poetry, you'll love this project. (And who doesn't love poetry?)

:: suggested price is $72 ::
:: minimum price is $18 ::
:: pay what makes you feel good ::
:: to pay with a kindness/trade contact me ::

 You can join us at any time over the next year - your 52 weeks will start when you start.

{I decided to closeenrollment.}

52 weeks, 52 poems. Writing what needs to be written, with a lot of support and inspiration. 

Write your poems.