poeming on a tuesday

The Clone Trooper hides out in a knitting basket. And look! There's a wee Remy on the shelf above. And my old p&s.

Once Upon a Time in A Movie Theater Far Far Away

I remember the first time I immersed myself in the third movie,
that jubilant glimpse of the end of empires. I was nine. I still believed
we could overthrow empires if we just loved our fathers enough
to make them remember that good dads protect their children.

I want that feeling for you, my son, not the shining duplicity
of commercialized empires pretending to be evil while the good side
is really hiding the Sith Lord in their midst, enslaving everyone.
I want innocence remembered. But I think we've all moved on.

And now the Clone Troopers are our army, you see them as allies,
the troopers who took Leia hostage and helped Vader put Han in carbonite.
And we've become the Galactic Republic, giving powers to the corporations,
turning our Republic into a Corpocracy. And none of us will ever be innocent again.


Remy is still obsessed with Star Wars, I think I've mentioned that before. It's a double edged sword for me, since I have such a hard time with the reboot for all the reasons mentioned in the poem above (and more).

He prefers the cartoon versions (Lego, Angry Birds) but he's starting to be interested in the "real thing" as well.

While we were in California, he watched Episode IV: A New Hope with my family. He hasn't wanted to see it again, but he says he wants to see Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back soon.

There's a few other geeky tv show/ movie references, here. See if you can spot them.

Registration is open (and will remain open all year) for the 52 Weeks Poeming Project, where I'll lead you through writing a poem a week for the next year.

Most of my Poeming Into the Now students have already signed back up, but you don't need to have done Poeming Into the Now with me to embark on this 52 week poeming journey. You don't have to have written a single poem in your life (though you are definitely welcome if you have!), you just have to be willing to write a poem a week for the next year.

Any kind of poem, haikuists definitely most welcome.