reminding myself

Everything I tell you, I also need to tell myself. Everything. Over and over again. Until I stop needing to. And then I forget I have it to tell. Until I'm reminded. (Thank you.)

Yesterday, a friend posted a decluttering article on Facebook and said she'd do it "one day." (I do believe her, btw.) And I responded: "do something now! Just fifteen minutes," and I wasn't really telling her, I was telling me. 

I've been looking at the house and thinking, "oh, I'll get to it later" for too long now. It was time. I did a few minutes of cleaning up before Remy got home (clearing out that pink/ purple organizer of Lego so I can use it for art stuff - and no, that part hasn't happened yet, so it's on the floor next to my desk), and then he got excited about my cleaning and joined in. !!!

Of course, then I took apart a Lego I shouldn't have (sometimes that's ok and sometimes it isn't) and he got so mad at me. But it was ok in the end. As it always is. And the Lego got cleaned up! And his room. He didn't declutter, but he put things away (and threw trash away) and that helped. A lot. And today's there's Lego on the floor again (because he was Legoing this morning and I don't have him clean it up til before bed).

This isn't about perfect.  My house is still really messy by some standards (and really clean by others - funny how much standards differ). And this isn't about shame, about feeling like there's a standard I have to live up to, or I'm not doing my job.

This is about having a house that feels good, to me and my family. And that goal got achieved and so I am happy that I was able to get past the "later" and just do what I could, right then. (I'm still considering hiring a house cleaner every few weeks for the deeper cleaning stuff. I think it's a great idea, but I need to find a company that uses green cleaning methods.)

There's more to do. There always is. House keeping is deliciously endless, until our end (and then someone else sorts the end of our house, literally). I have projects I still want to get to and projects which require help (yay for summer break for my Professor M).

But I don't need to wait to start. I can start with the small things. And then I'll get to the big things when I can. (And when I have help.) And I can remember that scheduling it, systematizing what I do when, always helps.

Next little projects: finishing cleaning up my desk and Remy's. And maybe these bookshelves. Once again.