The 52 Weeks Poeming Project

I'm leaping again! Wanna leap with me? Read on!

Last week, my poets were bemoaning that our month of poeming had ended. I mentioned that I had had a jolt of inspiration to make it a 52 project (one poem a week for a year) and the feedback was swift: yes!

And so: yes! We are officially starting this year long poeming project May 14 2013 and ending on May 13 2014*, but I'll send out a welcoming prompt this week, so my April Poeming Into the Now poets don't have to skip a week.

You can join us at any point in the year. Your year will start when you start, but my weekly prompts will be the same for everyone (you can use the prompts from before you started after the "live" prompts run out - you'll have access to them in as soon as you join). If you're confused about how that works, just ask.

{I have decided to close enrollment.}

52 weeks, 52 poems. A weekly prompt from me, a private Facebook group. Lots of support. So much support for your creative journey as a poet.

Are you in?

Once again, I am offering pay-what-feels-good pricing:

Suggested price: $72.
Minimum price: $18.

If you'd like to make payments, pick the $18 price now and then paypal me what you can later, easy peasy. You determine how much you can afford and when. I don't want money** to come between you and poeming with us. (This TED talk by Amanda Palmer explains perfectly my belief in how art and money works.)

(Since I'm in the US, all prices are US dollars.)

One year, one poem each week. I won't write it for you, but I will send you a prompt, encouragement, and inspiration in the form of a weekly email. (If you hate email, I'll post each week's link in the Facebook group and you can click on it there. No one needs to get emails they don't want!)

Click add to cart (or click here if you don't see the buttons up above). You'll check out via paypal (which is secure and  accepts credit cards, so you do not need to have an account). Once you've been checked out, you'll be directed to the sign up form. (If you'd prefer not to receive emails, don't sign up. Reply to my welcome email instead and make sure I have the correct Facebook email for you to get you into our private group.) 

* Weeks and years don't entirely coincide. I'm calling this 52 weeks because that's how we usually call once-a-week projects. According to my count (which could be off), there's actually 53 weeks between these two dates I gave. Yay, extra poems!  Those dates are special to me, so I'm using them. So, by my count, including the welcoming prompt, there will actually be 54 prompts. Whee!

** If you absolutely cannot afford anything at this time and would like to "pay with a kindness," please email or Facebook message me (and I'll add you to the list myself).

If you would like to offer a trade, I am completely excited to hear what you have! Message or email me.