Summer is definitely upon us. And suddenly, the kids next door are wanting to play over here (in our backyard) constantly. Which is great, it really is, except I'm not used to refereeing three kids who all have their own needs/wants/issues. I'll get used to it again, but yesterday I just had to breathe and thank the 'verse for my husband coming home and being happy to play soccer with them all for a few hours.

Tag team parenting works for me.

Breathing definitely works for me.

Today I need some space to write, which I hope to get at IKEA (while Rem plays in the play area). And I need more summery shirts, which I am hoping to find at a thrift store (where I can bribe Remy with the thrill of finding some strange new toy, which doesn't always work, but sometimes it does).

And then we have a play date at our friend's house.

Summer is a kind of a jump up on ya and shake you down kind of dog, isn't it?

Just keep breathing. Summer camp in two weeks. I can hold my own until then, surely I can.