day 2

Yesterday was: breakfast with M, down/uploading photos, writing, taking the rental car back to the airport (adventure!) riding the metro back to the hotel, resting, walking around to find poutine (yum - with bacon!), skyping with Remy, resting, drinks and more drinks and then more drinks with my friend L from Ottawa (who's in town because she comes to Montreal most weekends and a lot of weeknights, too). I stayed out quite late, hanging out with her friends. It was a fun day, but rather long. (I can hardly believe it was all the same day, truthfully.)

Today is sleeping in. Down/uploading photos. Strolling to find lunch and reading my book while I ate. Coming back to the hotel to write. Some wifi connection issues, which I just figured out. (It's making me stay on the hotel page today, for some weird reason. I don't think it did that yesterday.) Writing some more (I have a poetry prompt to send out today). And then either a nap or reading my book at the pool (in the hot tub), I haven't decided yet. Maybe both.

And then later, I'll skype with Rem again and my husband will get back and we'll figure out dinner.

More resting today, that's the plan.