gratituding together

Later this week (possibly even later today), there will be more Montreal photos. Many more photos. I think you'll be quite sick of Montreal by the end of the week. But for right now, today, my first day home alone since we got back, I want to take a moment of appreciation for my house.

This cosy home I make for my wee family. Our beautiful space.

This colorful, creative, expansive home which is all ours. From the basement (which is still in progress and shaping up nicely) to the top floor: all so very uniquely us.

Geekery and art and music and books (handmade and not), forever and ever.

On a whim this morning, I signed myself and my souster up for the Making Space cleanse that Hannah is running for the next ten days (you can still sign up!). The "on the eve" prompt that she sent yesterday reeled me in, completely. (If you'd like me to forward it to you, let me know.)

I have so many little nooks in my house, but one for sipping coffee in the morning while I journal? I didn't have that one yet (at least not one set-up-invitingly the night before, which makes all the difference in the world), and I think it will help with the easing into the day issue I have been having this spring.

And part of that is that my four/five year journal project has been having major stagnation issues. Like, 'haven't even looked at it since March when I tried to reboot it' stagnation issues. So, my thinking is (right now): to spend a while catching up on that journal each morning while I sip my coffee and listen to music. Maybe later, I can transition to actual morning pages (whoa).

Before we left for Montreal, Remy wanted to make a "Thanksgiving book*" - which was a great way for me to introduce him to a gratitude journal practice. (Since I switched from the iPod touch to the Galaxy Player, I haven't found a gratitude journal app I liked as much as the ios one, so my gratitudes have needed a new home.)

He got really into the idea! We picked out a journal together and every night we've been writing down our family gratitudes before his bedtime story (at first, I did the writing, but then he decided to take over - his grandma also wrote a few last week).

What a brilliant new part of our bedtime ritual! It had to be his idea, though, to really integrate into the routine. And so it was.



All for this beautiful life that is always, always, always a work in progress.

*I think the spark of his idea was from an episode of Blue's Clues. So, thank you. Thank you. Thank you.