la jardin botanique du Montreal pt 3: la tour, biodome, metro and back to our hotel

This is the last walk through of the espace pour la vie (space for life). Make sure you check out part one and part two, if you want more!

We came out of the Insectarium and followed the orange line. Past the tour (tower): more close up shots. The tower has a funicular (so cool!) but since there was apparently no restaurant at top (we didn't check that closely) we decided to skip it. Views are views/ Perhaps we will go next time.

I needed caffeine and actual food, so we stopped in the cafe of the Biodome for a (not-entirely-quick) bite. I had garbanzo bean salad, which was unexpected and yummy. Protein pick me up! The iced latte was also worthwhile. I had a bit of a caffeine buzz going while I went through the Biodome, which my writing may or may not reflect.

The Biodome is divided into five ecosystems. You can explore them more on your own, or at their website. I'm showcasing my favorite photos that cropped down square nicely. (Why? So I could easily pick them from the rest.)

The tropical rainforest had MONKEYS! You would think I don't go to zoos on a regular basis, but these monkeys were super cute and also quite close. I was not the only person chattering to them, trying to draw their attention.

(Side note: so fluffy. Awwwwwwwww. I am a sucker for fluffy animals.)

Of course there were also poisonous frogs (and I included one here for my mom).

Next up: the Laurentian maple forest. Pretty! That's a beaver dam off in the distance. Then there were otters (OTTERS!!!) but we never saw them, they were sleeping or off display or something. On the other hand, there was a porcupine, but it was also sleeping - in a tree!

We had thought the beavers were also not-at-hand, but then we went into a cave-like room, and there they were, underwater.

(Some of my best footage of the Biodome is video. I'm not sure when I'll have time to edit it together, but I'm hoping to, since it was fun to shoot.)

Those glowing lights demarcate the beginning of the Gulf of St Lawrence exhibit. There were sturgeon (and rays and other fish) in the tank and then at the top, a variety of sea birds and shore life things (such as these anemones). And there's a feather I found at the top of the exhibit.

And then on to the penguins (and such). There are two spaces, the Labrador coast (the puffin and common murre here) and then penguins from the sub Antarctic (I think this one might be a gentoo).

I got some video of the penguins, but there was a large crowd there (everyone loved penguins) and my feet were starting to get sore, so we decided to head back to the hotel.

On the metro, of course, since that's how we came. But there's a stop closer to the biodome (with pretty mosaic!) and someone named "The Tweedles" who was definitely here. Somewhere.

The last shot is of the pagoda on top of our hotel, which was just cool.


And that's what I did last week in Montreal on Wednesday. Fun, eh?