le jardin botanique du montreal pt 1: metro, la tour et le jardin japonaise

We start at the metro, because that is how we got there. Outside and then stained glass windows inside another metro station - so beautiful! Each of Montreal's metro stations has it's own design. I could easily have spent a day going from metro stop to metro stop photographing them. (I didn't. I got photos of the ones I visited and there was one great stop that I missed entirely, oh well, c'est la vie.)

The space age design of la tour (the tower) is next - it looms over the entire parc olympique (which is adjacent to the jardin). I was very drawn to it's Star Trek feel. I took photos from many angles, and am still thinking of how to showcase them all. I loved that strange tilt!

Next, a few trees along the way to the Japanese garden. (We stopped for some ice cream and coffee, as you do.) We chose the Japanese garden over the Chinese garden because we both are drawn to the Japanese aesthetic. Next time, we will definitely go to the Chinese garden, though. It looks to be quite amazing.

And finally, scenes from the garden itself: a formal Japanese rock garden, the bonsai courtyard, a bamboo plant with prayers hanging from it, bamboo window covers, a rose and the lake, with a stepping bridge.

We sat in the meditation pavilion for about ten minutes and breathed/ watched/ listened. That last photo is a view from the meditation pavilion. It is cropped, and I only had my long lens with me (so it isn't my entire point of view, just a small piece). There was a lot of construction going on that day at the gardens. I didn't find it affecting my meditation at all, though, it felt like part of the life around me, which it was.

And then (after a jaunt through the First Nations garden) we set off to our next stop (the insectarium). Those photos will come later!