more from Montreal

Our wireless connection at this hotel is so slow.

I'd like to say that it being so. dang. slow. (and kicking us off randomly) has meant we spent less time online, but alas, that is not the case. My love is teaching an online class this summer (so he's having to spend more time online grading than should be the case) and I am doing my normal, writing/social media thing.

Oh, but I've also finished reading two books (Cloud Atlas, finally and Dead Ever After, the last Sookie Stackhouse novel - oh yes, I cried). And I'm taking plenty of time to walk around and see Montreal (and loving this city, which feels so European).

Yesterday, M and I went to espace pour la vie (space for life), which includes the jardin botanique (botanical garden), insectarium and a biodome! It was amazing and I took lots of photos. However, because of this awful connection, I'm going to wait and show you the gardens/insects/biodome next week.

Today, I am going to finish the Lex Letter: Montreal. Mail them. Then I am going to start another book. Hmmm... I have six choices. Not sure which one I'll go with yet. I loaded my new-to-me Kindle Keyboard up with library books before we left. Ooooh, I do love the library. And I especially love the Philadelphia free library, which allows people who do not live in Philadelphia to become members (for a $35 fee) and check out ebooks through overdrive. Oh, it's a beautiful thing.

But first, lunch.