poeming on a tuesday morning while M and Remy play baseball

tiny poem:

baseball sounds
birds chirping
if we were
to leave now
we'd be in
by Friday


But we won't leave. I just sort of started fantasizing this morning that we could, because M's side is gathering at my MIL's house for the first birthday party of our nephew.

Some days, tiny snippets of poems seem just right. Sometimes they're haiku and sometimes they aren't. This one is still a syllabic poem, tho with a made up form: 3 syllables each line, except the title and the word California, which makes that word stand out. (And y'all know how I feel about Cali, right?)

There's still space for you if you'd like to write your own poems with us in the 52 Week Poeming Project.

I'm thinking of running a double exposure class in July but I am still firming up the details. Especially since this one, I'd like to have video of me showing you my process. eeep.