random friday notes

* I completely forgot to link to my Kind Over Matter post that went live yesterday before I woke up. (I love that! It's like writing in my sleep. Only not, since I wrote it last week.) Whoops! Here it is: for the love of the broken, beautiful world. It's so much fun to write guest posts for Kind Over Matter. I heart KOM so much.

* Speaking of other sites I heart: my first Roots of She guest post is running later this summer. In August (while we're in Thailand).

* Speaking of Thailand (omg, omg, omg... so excited), I picked up my first guidebook at the library yesterday. It seems strange it took so long, but I was doing most of my research online. Now, I'm moving to paper. Awww yeah: old school! Apparently the guidebook agrees with me that we should go to Angkor Wat. (Now to convince M...)

* So, yesterday we went to two different libraries (because the second one has the better graphic novel section for Rem) and came away with an awesome stack of books. And also a few movies for M and I to watch. Last night we saw 21 Jump Street (the movie). Channing Tatum should totally grow his hair out for reals. Also, Johnny Depp still makes me squee out loud. Anyway, the whole thing was funnier than I'd imagined it would be.

* It does not feel like Friday at all. But apparently it is. WHAT!

* And also: JULY? Next week? Are you kidding me? It still feels like May to me, weather-wise. (I couldn't even go swimming at the beach last weekend, the water was still too cold.)

* Whatever. It's still summer and I can prove it: we all got summer hair cuts yesterday (link is to my live instagraming of the process). It's still very strange to be able to feel my scalp but I love it!

* Have a great weekend!