the glorious unexpectedness that is life

Wednesday night, I went for a photo walk in the evening light. Glorious.

(These photos are all from that walk.)

Thursday morning, I woke up with a sore throat (and a grumpy mood that started shortly after I posted and lasted all damn day).

Then Thursday afternoon, I was hit by a wall of tired. And that's when I realized I was sick. Grumpiness = getting sick. Makes sense. Totally had no clue until it hit me.

Friday I slept, or tried to sleep. I watched some videos on my galaxy player and read. I didn't even think about blogging, to be honest. I just needed a rest. I don't usually do that, but I let myself and it felt good.

(Saturday I was less out of it, but still sick. Sunday I started feeling better. Today, same. Mostly better, but not all the way.)

Coming home from the movies today (I ditched writing this morning to go see Man of Steel with my M, because today was the last full day of school, so we had a end-of-the-school-year date day), our car battery died. Just died. I was sitting in the car, with the windows rolled down, waiting and I thought I only had the radio on, but other stuff must also have been draining the battery.

I walked home along the same route that I'd had the photo walk on last week, essentially. A sudden summer rainstorm started up just after I'd started walking. Side walk during and after a summer rain is one of my favorite smells.

It was refreshing and glorious, walking home in the rain. I was a little sad I didn't have my camera, but also glad the rain wasn't going to soak it.

And my awesome husband stayed with the car, got it jumped and went and got a new battery (it had been over five years, so it was just its time). All was well.

And as I was waiting for the bus (which I do, every school day) our neighbor came over with her littlest grand baby and told me the story of what's been happening at their house these past months.

(And that's not my story to tell, but my heart goes out to them. This fragile world we live and all we can do is stay alive sometimes and love the ones we love.)

That's life. Walking, light, beauty, unexpected illness, dead batteries, heart to heart conversations with people you don't really know very well. All that and more.

The glory of the unexpected, the pain and the beauty. Life.

I find something more to love about it every day.