the wait/the reveal/the goal: let love rule

This is the rainbow we saw on the way to Montreal. I tweaked it a little in post production to make it pop!

I began writing these words this morning 37 minutes before 10 am. That's 37 minutes before the DOMA ruling was made (plus or minus a few minutes). I started writing because I didn't know how the rulings would go and I was nervous and writing is what I do when I'm nervous (or not nervous... writing is just what I do in the mornings). I didn't finish writing until almost noon, because between taking (several) play breaks with Remy and following the live SCOTUS updates, it took me that long to finish. (I'm not complaining. I don't have a strict schedule for *when* I post, I simply write Mon-Fri. I am happy to take play breaks!)

After my first play-with-Remy-break I came back to the breaking news that DOMA is dead.

Just dead-dead. (OMG OMG OMG)

And then after another play-break (my kid is on summer vacation, can you tell? I only get two weeks with him before summer camp starts, so I'm making the most of it!) I came back to find that Prop 8 was dismissed (but only on the grounds that the government of California declined to defend it, so this ruling doesn't give legal precedence for ousting other gay marriage bans).

My LGBTT Californian friends can get legally married again!!!!! (I'm not sure if my MIL and her partner will decide to marry or not, that's their prerogative. But I personally would very much like to see that happen, because we love my MIL's partner so very much and for her to be legally in the family would make my heart soar.)

The dismissal of Prop 8 is more personal, because California, so even though it isn't quite as big a win as DOMA being struck down, it's the decision that really made me cry. California love.

I've said it before, I think we're rolling towards equality (that's three different hyperlinks to past blog posts, I make this point a lot, it is important to me as a queer woman). Today really made that point, loud and clear. LOVE IS GOING TO WIN.

That's the goal: love wins.

It's not just about marriage equality (though that's a worthy goal). It's about stopping bullying. It's about respecting (and loving) diversity. It's about showing our love for each other and for this planet and for this 'verse and about that love winning against the haters.

I have a new guest post running on Kind Over Matter tomorrow, but because I needed to have it finished by yesterday, I felt unable to write about the SCOTUS decisions because who knew? Plus, a guest poster covered similar ground not too long ago. So my post is about showing our love for this world in a different way. (You'll have to read it tomorrow to find out which way I'm writing about... there are many ways to show love!)

Love is winning.

And since there's only love, that's the best news of all.

Thank you, SCOTUS for letting love rule today.

* If you're not in the States, or you've somehow missed all the social media hype (I'm not sure how you managed that, to be honest), you may or may not be aware that the Supreme Court of the US (SCOTUS for short) is ruling ruled on two important cases this morning: DOMA and Prop 8. I've been on the edge of my seat for these rulings since they were argued before SCOTUS, three months ago.

In any case, I hope my international friends will forgive me for being obsessed with this morning's US political dramas. (See also the amazing filibuster by Wendy Davis in Texas yesterday.)