a circus adventure

We wound up having an unexpected adventure yesterday. We made very last minute plans with family and ended up at a Fourth of July festival that included admission to a small traveling circus. We'd sort of expected a street fair, but there was a circus instead. (We missed most of the day's events arriving later in the day.) Remy said at first that he didn't want to go to the circus, but we thought we'd try. We arrived during the second half of the first show and it was full up, so we walked back to town to get ice cream and wait for the second show. We knew it would be touch and go, but Remy generally wants to do what his (slightly older) cousin does, so we had no problems getting him to go to the show.

(There was a bouncy house for him to jump in while the adults stood in line, so that was a plus, too.)

I had no idea what to expect. The tent was so small, I thought for sure it would be a small production, no animals (I boycott circuses with elephant acts) and it was, but there were reptiles, dogs and camels (dog performers seem to live a happy enough life to me, but I felt awful for the camels).

I was sad to read later that this circus does have elephant acts in their big shows. I send metta (compassion) to those animals who are hurting and pray that the use of wild animals is banned from circuses all over the world soon.

(May all beings be well. May all beings know kindness. May all beings become free.)

However, the majority of the show was human performers - and as a performer myself (tribal belly dance would happily be at home in a circus arena) I was glad to see the art of vaudeville is still alive. Hoop dancing, balancing, gymnastics, clowning: I feel a kinship with these types of performers. And I know it's a hard life, touring. They have my respect. They earned my cheers.

My favorite act was this balancer, who climbed up stairs with a disco ball balanced on her forehead. Wow.

And so, I basically took no photos of the show because I was actually watching it and taking great joy in how excited Remy was by each set of performers (he is very vocal in his awe). I did take out my galaxy player to take photos before the show (and to capture this amazing balancer) but other than that, I was in the moment, clapping and cheering.

Unlike the fireworks show later, where I took 200+ photos with my Fuji x10 because: pretty (and also, trying to get more comfortable with that camera).

But that's a story for another day.