a tiny moment of summer self-care

Yesterday afternoon, I sat in the backyard for a few moments while while Rem practiced hitting balls (he's a little bit obsessed with baseball at the moment, after seeing his first game). It's hot and our backyard has a lot of mosquitoes, which is a deterrent to my going back there a lot, but a few minutes I can handle, with a little mosquito repellent.

I took my DSLR out with me and captured a series of photos (Remy, me, the things around us). I hadn't used my 50 mm lens in awhile. Oh, that dreamy, blurry bokeh. How I love it.

And how I love summer. And hanging out with my boy. And being barefoot in the grass.

A small moment of self-care, just be-ing and noticing, open to the love around me.