all in

It's been one week and a few days since Remy got out of first grade. And in those roughly ten days we've had many adventures already. We've gone to both the shore and the lake-beach. We've gone to a baseball game (I didn't get a ticket; instead I had a photo walk around the campus where the game was held - the double exposure photos from my FAQ post are from that walk) and yesterday we went to a MLS (major league soccer) game - which I loved! (I brought my kindle, just in case I got bored, but I only ended up reading during half time while M and Remy went to get drinks.)

We've also been to IKEA once (I'm sure we'll be going again, lol) and to Value Village (the best thrift store in this area) twice. That awesome paisley shirt I'm wearing in the photo above: thrift store find! So awesome. I heart paisley.

And in between adventures, we're resting and drawing and Legoing and reading books (So! Many! Books!) and finding out that California's marriage equality DOES mean my MIL and her partner are now officially engaged (yay!!). And M and I are going on date-days - we saw The Heat this weekend which was very funny and World War Z the weekend before, which was just shy of "too scary" for me.

The adventure we're having later today, though, is big news: Remy has decided he wants to go see Monsters University. In a movie theater.

(He's been scared/anxious to the point of phobia of seeing new movies and going to movie theaters for over four years now, so this is a Big Deal that he asked to go to the movie theater to see a new movie.)

Last year, while I was in California, his summer camp took a field trip to see Ice Age 4, a series Remy likes a lot* and Rem gave going to see it (with M) a really really good try, but he couldn't make himself go into the theater. It was just too scary. He wanted to see it and he liked his camp friends, and everyone was supportive, but he couldn't do it. He wanted to, M said. But it was Too Much. And that was ok. He tried. And we knew he'd try again some day, as the fear lessened (as it has been lessening). We gave him time.

And a year later, he's ready.

This is what bravery looks like, seriously. When you have a phobia about going to see new movies and the sensory input of being in a movie theater freaks you out and you decide you want to try going anyway? That's bravery.

How I love this kid.

(All of him, the scared parts and the brave - he's human, just like all of us.)

* Remy loves all the Ice Age movies except for the third one, which was one of the "too scary" new movies that precipitated his deep new-movie phobia, along with The Princess and the Frog and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and the previews for Toy Story 3 and Cars 2.