I've been staring at this photo for almost an hour now, while this blank space taunted me. Oh, I hopped over to Facebook and checked my email (I do that anyway, while I write) but this page stayed blank all the while, until I started writing. Almost an hour. It's been awhile since that happened.

I started preparing a different photo to put up, thinking that might help, but then... I found a way in.

Part of the issue is that my body is sore -  I started working out (again) this week. It's a happy kind of sore, but it still influences how I stare and stare and can't think of what to say. (Post-workout jellyfish lethargy does not inspire me to write. It inspires me to nap. Which I already sort of did.)

Yesterday I got a shiatsu, after way too long away.

I am doing my best to build this body-care into my routine. The silliness of doing this right before we leave for three weeks in Thailand, where I don't think there will be a gym to go to and I'm planning on getting massages as often as I can, is not at all lost on me. Still, building this into my routine now - going with M to the gym 2-3 days a week, taking frequent steams there and then a once a month shiatsu - is something to build up now, before fall/ winter hits.

In the summer, it is easy to flow. I need fewer reminders, fewer built in routines to help facilitate taking care of myself.

In the fall, I start faltering. In the winter, I hold on to the end of the rope and hope I don't drop. The dragging on of the cold pulls me down. Reminders can only help. Routines can only help.

Just like the reminder to start writing, even when I don't know where it is all going. Just like the routine of writing every weekday.

And now this is no-longer-blank-space.

Happy weekending, my friends.