reaching not grasping

Remy got to the movie theater, which was touch and go. At one point he said he didn't want to, it was too scary a thought, but then at the last second he decided he would go. He and M went into the theater (while I waited in a very long line for popcorn). They eventually sat down. Remy sat through two previews (and got comfortable) and then said, "let's go."

The screen was too big and it scared him.

He did great adjusting to the darkness, which was his original fear. We had a lot of tricks up our sleeves for that one, but hadn't had any plan for a "too big" screen.

And all of that was fine. No one was mad. I did try to coax him back in after they came out (I'd just gotten the popcorn), but he was adamant and it was ok. He wasn't freaked out, just sure that he didn't want to see a movie that was that big.

(Freaking out is also ok, he just wasn't.)

He had been scared but we took him out of the situation, he knew what the parameters would be and trusted us to do the right thing. All of which is HUGE.

And next time, it might be worse or it might be better. I do believe there will be a next time, but I don't know when it will be. Possibly we'll try again to see Monsters University, possibly we will wait until The Lego Movie - one of the two previews he saw, which he couldn't stop talking about on the drive home - comes out.

'Adventure is out there!'

Oh, man I love that movie (Up). Even after seeing it five million times.