::this week::

Remy is home today from summer camp because he has a rash that looks like poison ivy/sumac (or oak, for my fellow west coasters), but I'm taking him to the Dr this morning just to be sure it isn't contagious before I send him back to camp.

I came into contact with the same plant and got what looked like scratches on my arms, but after a dose of benedryl, the next day mine looked like nothing. (I've never had poison-anything, so it might be that I'm immune. Last summer M got it so bad that he had to be on prednisone b/c his eye swelled up so badly.)

[Update: it was poison ivy/sumac and the Dr gave us a script, because it is on his face/ eyelids. Not sure if camp will be in the picture for the rest of the week. We'll see. Both sunscreen and swimming pools could make the rash sting and I'm not sure Rem will be ok with that. Plus, rash on the face looks bad, even if it isn't contagious.]

One last week before we leave for Thailand! Whoa.

I have officially decided not to offer Lex Letters from Thailand. Too much work. I need a "real" vacation. (I'll still send a few postcards to people I know/love. Make sure I have your snail mail address, if you want one.)

I think instead of taking the mini-printer, I'll bring my 35mm film camera. I'm still thinking about cameras. I know all that matters is going and being there, being present, but I do want photos. Good photos. I cherish them. Anyway, I'm thinking about it.

On Saturday, we went to REI and everyone got a new backpack/bag. In a complete reversal of the normal order, M got a little walking-around messenger bag, I got a very awesome hiking backpack (not a full frame, but a nice sized one that's bigger than my regular backpack - for the things I'm planning on buying in Thailand). Everyone got the perfect bag for themselves.

I still need to make a shopping trip to Whole Foods, but other than that, I think we've got everything we need. We leave next week. I am so effing excited!

So excited.