you are embodied magic

here's what i need to tell you today: you are embodied magic.

embodied: enmeshed, enwombed, entrenched deep into the living of this life in this one body of yours. all you.

magic: utterly and totally amazing, unbelievable, miraculous. cells that met and matched and divided and grew and grew into the uniqueness of you. only you.

you - yes, you! - are embodied magic. flesh and bone. dna and atoms. wonder spinning into orbit around the very essence of you, which is all your very own. atoms made up of everything that's happened since the big bang. all coming into fruition in you (couldn't be anyone else).


and who are you to deny your embodiment?

this flesh you are, is. (you can't be unmade.) and is fantastically awesome and amazing. every bit of it. the shit that comes out of you is just as amazing as your so-thought perfect lips. it is mind blowing in simplicity, in complexity, each part working (or not working) towards an end-game that becomes you. your "defects" are just as important as your "averages." you are completely you even when you don't want to be.

and who are you to deny your magic?

this body, so unique and amazing, is just one of millions and billions that have lived on this earth since we evolved into human selves. no other one has your expression (unless you're a monozygotic twin and even then, you're not exact dna copies, did you know? in the expression of your particular environment, which is unique even in womb-space, you've become unique. your mutations define you as you).

who are you to deny this? who are you to try to hide, to unmake what is? who are you to wish for things to be different?

i'll tell you: you are you. deny, hide, make different. it's still all you. that's the embodied part.

i'll tell you: you are you. shine. blossom. flow. live. it's still all you. that's the part that's magic.

so go make your magic.

(what else are you going to do?)