This is what I need to tell you today: you are amazing. Every inch of you has been through the wringer and survived. Every inch of you that is here is a miracle.

Your scars show your strengths. Your survival. Your growth.

Your "defects" are differences. Your deafness, your blindness, your arm stump, your fragile mental health, your asthma, your aching back, your needing every train to be lined up: that's what I love most about you. That's not a defect, that's (part of) you. You are whole and wonderful in your "you-ness."

Your imperfections aren't at all imperfect, they are perfectly yours. There's no perfect, but there's no imperfection, either. It is a standard that doesn't exist, the things you compare yourself to. Notice and let go. Notice and let go. Notice. And. Let. Go.

(It's hard. It takes practice. It takes mountains of love. Borrow some of mine, I have love to spare.)

Acne, wrinkles, sweat, fat, varicose veins, scars, lopsided breasts, cellulite, saggy skin, jowls, hairy legs, armpits, chins: these are all just part of the process of being a human being, living in this human home, being alive. Why do we let someone tell us that there's something wrong with those normal things that mean we need to spend (a shit-tonne of) money to fix them?

There's nothing wrong with being human. With looking human and not like an idealized android alien from a fashion magazine.

And you know what? There's nothing wrong with looking like an android alien, either. There's nothing wrong with how anything looks, naturally or unnaturally. There's nothing wrong with art, with dress up, with playing.

Fashion magazines are fun. But they're not real. The problem is that we can't see that they're not real, they're pretend, they're play, they're art. So we need more reminders of what actual human beings look like, of our actual beauty.

(Can you separate out your desire from society's shame? Neither can I. But I am working on it.)

Loving yourself completely doesn't mean following the same path I follow. You don't have to stop wearing makeup and removing your body hair and practice sending love to your belly. You are not me. I do what I need to, you do what you need to.

What I want for you is to realize your amazingness.

Because every single one of us is amazing.

You. Me. Everyone.