from my archives: gratitude

{While I'm in Thailand, I am republishing favorite posts from my archives every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This post was originally published 12/21/11.}

It's probably obvious, but I listen to music a lot while I'm working. This is a habit I started in high school, when I'd do homework listening to the radio (and then later to CDs). Over the years, I've had people wonder about how I can multitask this way, but to me, it comes naturally. I take little micro breaks while I'm writing in order to sing along to a favorite line, or dance it out.

If I really need to concentrate, I turn the music off, but most of the time, I listen to Pandora or Spotify while I blog.

But since I got my new desktop last winter I haven't had good speakers for my computer. I've been listening to music on my headphones (which limits my dancing and singing along isn't as fun) or by plugging my iPod into my boom box. Which is great, but it gives me limited controls and not the best sound.

We don't usually exchange adult gifts for Hanukkah. But last night, my husband surprised me, by informing me one of the boxes I'd thought was sent for our kid was really for me. He got me a very sweet powered speaker system for my desktop, so I could listen to music while I work. Oh so very awesome!

Little things -- just having music I can easily control from my computer and a husband who knows me so well, he gives me something I hadn't even known I wanted -- can make such a difference.

Obviously the big things -- having food in our bellies, shelter and safety -- are of the utmost importance. But once those big things are satisfied (which for me they are), it's the little things that change how we live.

I give thanks for the big things and the little things. I know how very lucky I am.