from my archives: let me tell you of my life: collected poems of NaPoWriMo 2010

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{While I'm in Thailand, I am republishing favorite posts from my archives every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This post was originally published 4/13/12.}

Both of my previous years doing the poem-a-day challenge of NaPoWriMo are now available for you on PDF. (2011's collection, "what it means to love you right now" was released two days ago.)

These both have a "suggested price" of (lucky number) $4. However, because I believe in the pay what you can philosophy, you can edit that price in the shopping cart to whatever amount you would like to pay. Yes, you can pay as little as nothing or you could decide to be generous and send me to Hawaii. Your call!

In the next week or so, I am planning on putting up some sample pages, so you can see what the new format brings (that you can't get just by say, reading these poems in the archives*). Besides cleaning up some typos and editing some of the not-quite-up-to-it poems fairly heavily, the PDFs are beautiful in their own way, with large photographs (that you can yes, print) and a spacious, clean design.

I am also considering doing a mini tutorial/ vlog on the creation of these PDF "ebooklettes" - they are quite fun for me to design and work on, but they do take quite a lot of time. The next collection I am going to be working on involves collecting my poems from various online/ offline sources (LiveJournal, here, Facebook, various scraps of paper etc...) and shaping them into a whole. That might possibly be a design challenge, so doing a vlog about the choices I make will give you a lot of info about how I work when I make these books.

I'm also considering offering my editorial/ design services for other writers/ artists who are interested in turning their work into PDFs. If you're interested, please let me know, I'd love to work with you.

* Here's the first poem of 2010's collection, "Remy, You Are Singing"  and here is the title poem of 2011's collection, "What it Means to Love You Right Now." (Yes, the poem is capitalized, while the book title is not. Inconsistent. Yes, I am. Except not really, because none of my ebook titles are capitalized.)