from my archives: one shining belief

{While I'm in Thailand, I am republishing favorite posts from my archives every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This post was originally published 10/16/12.}

yesterday i remembered:

i shine when i believe in myself. when i remember i am part of everything, when i remember we are all free inside of this folded over burrito of cause and effect.

every one of the atoms inside of me - inside of you - started in a big bang. every atom is stardust. every atom on this planet.

there's the biggest picture. the extreme pull back, which is hard for my brain to digest for long periods of time.

and then there's right here, right now. being in this body that can touch and feel and feels the weight of the world pressing down into her heart.

i remembered that i shine when i remember the biggest picture. that i shine when i remember i am stardust.

and my shining doesn't lessen anyone else's shine. you can shine just as bright (brighter). we are not competing. we are gathering, stars in the sky, to make constellations of love and trust and community.