wow: august already!?!?!

Remy greeted me this morning with a bright and cheerful, "Mom, it's August!!!*"

I can hardly believe it, though I know it's true. August. Wow.

I have so much to do before we leave next week. Which is all self-imposed (aside from packing). Lots to do to get ready to take my blogging/ poeming prompt vacation. (I'm setting up automatic systems so I don't have anything to do while I'm away. But automatic systems don't set themselves up automatically, do they? No, they do not.)

But instead of working yesterday, I gave myself a new way to procrastinate, as usual (my brain really enjoys picking apart new things - I get bored easily).

I upgraded to a new phone. A smart phone. With the dreaded data plan. Yes, I have joined the 21st century. This way Remy can use the Galaxy Player while we're in Thailand instead of the battery eating 4th gen iPod touch. (Which he also dropped at some point, so it's cracked, too. And I haven't fixed the screen yet, because it didn't seem worth it, since the battery was dying after only an hour or two.)

And bonus: my new awesome phone (the lumia 928) has hipstamatic oggl on it! Windows 8 phone** for the win! Yay!

Oh, procrastinating. I could do it all day. But I won't. I will have spurts of productivity and get everything done. Eventually. Because that is how I work.  Fast and furious, interspersed with long periods of spacing out/ doing other things.

Happy August, y'all!

* The next thing Remy said was, "Daddy put the water in the medicine and I was really brave and rocking!" Which M clarified to mean Remy "rocked" at taking his medicine this morning! Thank goodness. Oh how I love them both.

** So far so great. The reduced amount of apps hasn't bothered me at all. I found a third party app to replace instagram (instance - which is working for me so far) and a free multiple exposure app that is actually better than any of the ones I had on iOS or Android - ignore the negative reviews, those were just people who didn't take the time to figure it what layers are and how to use them.